Manual de Derechos Digitales del Trabajador

Desde marzo de 2020, las empresas y empleados han tenido que adaptar su forma de trabajar de manera rápida y rotunda. Vivimos un momento de transición laboral, precipitada por las restricciones de movilidad, que parte de un modelo clásico de trabajo a uno más flexible e ‘híbrido’ entre el trabajo remoto y el presencial. Esta […]

Eticas + Sngular: an alliance to develop responsible and ethical AI solutions

Eticas y Sngular

After months of work and negotiations between Eticas and Sngular, we have built a partnership to start applying a work methodology that makes us the first provider of ethical and responsible Artificial Intelligence. In a time marked by growing concern and regulation around the responsible use of technology, we partner up with Sngular to help […]

Eticas, your Ethics Partner in European Commission’s H2020 projects

Ethic Partner in European Commission H2020 projects

At Eticas Consulting we are a leading Spain-based SME specialized on the Ethics of Technology and AI. We offer professional & committed ethics support and compliance in EC-funded projects since 2011, when we developed the first Ethics Work Package as part of an FP7 Security project. With a track record of 17 projects with a […]

Speakers at 4YFN’s open ceremony and talking about med tech at the WMC

Gemma Galdon, founder and CEO of Eticas Research and Consulting, was invited to open 4YFN event, integrated for the first time under the MWC. Moreover, she participated at the 4YFN session Digital Health & Wellness Summit. On Monday 28th 2021, Galdon was on stage in Barcelona at the opening ceremony for 4FYN with Yossi Vardi, Chairman […]

Civic Tech Lab, un espacio de Eticas Foundation para trabajar por la tecnología responsable

Eticas Foundation abre sus puertas y su conocimiento en Barcelona a otros proyectos para promocionar y acelerar soluciones prácticas a los retos éticos de las tecnologías digitales, especialmente, de la inteligencia artificial, los algoritmos y el machine learning. Eticas Foundation, la fundación hermana de Eticas Consulting desarrolla trabajos como OASI, el ‘Observatory of Algorithms with […]

Privacy by design and the digital border

digital border

Data governance should not only be considered regarding legal requirements for the system at hand and corresponding responsibilities distribution but from the managerial side, focusing on end users’ role in administering sensitive data. All in all, there is a significant margin for improvement regarding privacy by design, and Eticas will continue pushing in this direction. […]

Introducing the Guide to Algorithmic Auditing

Addressed to companies, public organisms and citizens, this guide to audit algorithms offers a general and replicable methodology.  Big data, especially the one based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) that use personal information, has an enormous effect on our daily lives. On a personal scale but also on a social, economic and legal level. And the […]

Europa presenta una nueva regulación para la Inteligencia Artificial

regulación europea de Inteligencia Artificial

La Comisión Europea publica la que será la primera legislación sobre Inteligencia Artificial. Una normativa sobre IA que busca “garantizar la seguridad” y que crea varios niveles de riesgo asociados a la aplicación de este tipo de tecnologías. El reglamento, que forma parte de una batería de medidas, viene a complementar otras regulaciones ya existentes, […]