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Smart? Cities

  The concept of smart cities is at least a couple of decades old, but it still remains controversial. What does the term smart actually mean? How does smart improve technology and what for? We can easily imagine how the development of intelligent technologies can definitely have positive outcomes for different areas like public administration, […]

Eticas Research in the most relevant tech site worldwide, Techcrunch

We are utterly proud that our CEO and Founder Gemma G. Clavell was quoted within this TechCrunch piece about the Uber license loss in London. Below you can read the statement from Gemma on this hot topic: “We wouldn’t say that a car with no speed limits or seat belts is an innovative car. Innovation […]

October 17th: GIFT Project final Conference

The Generic Integrated Forensic Toolbox for CBRN Incidents (GIFT CBRN) Project is about to finish. The final conference will take place at the Finance Tower in Brussels on October 17th and our team will be there to present the findings and deliverables on: decontamination of evidence, improved sampling methodology, next generation chemical detection, forensic attribution of […]

Eticas’ work on migration, biometrics and Smart Borders published by the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights

  The EU Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) has published the report “Fundamental rights and the interoperability of EU information systems: borders and security”. The report is the first publication of the project Biometric data in large EU IT systems in the areas of borders, visa and asylum – fundamental rights implications led by Eticas […]

Policing, Privacy and Data Protection

Policing routines, as any other dimension of public action, are subject to the constraints of privacy rights and data protection principles. Even though it is true that police forces must process a wide range of personal data and that certain investigative actions may require making important regulatory exceptions to those privacy rights, there is a […]

Gemma Galdon Clavell, director of Eticas R&C, nominated for EU women innovators prize

The European Commission is running the third edition of the EU Prize for Women Innovators to reward three women who have achieved outstanding innovations and brought them to market. The prize aims to raise awareness of the need for more female entrepreneurs and to inspire other women to follow in their footsteps. The shortlist contains nine outstanding women […]

Our Flexible Fridays rock!

We are proud to announce that our company has been awarded by the City Hall of Barcelona with the Prize for Innovative Company in matters of Conciliation of Time at the workplace! On Tuesday 21st of February 2017, Barcelona’s Mayor Ada Colau handed Eticas Research and Consulting this award for the category of companies with […]

Our findings in certification of identification for newborns at both legal and security levels

Scientific literature, governments and international organizations have pointed out that there exist many weak links in the chain of documentation required to access passports. Even though e-passports have been strongly securitized during recent years, the issuance of original passports by using counterfeited breeder documents has in turn been highlighted as one of the main risks […]

FRA extends the contract with Eticas R&C to research on biometric data and borders

We are happy to announce that we are continuing working with the Fundamental Rights Agency and the Spanish Research Council (CSIC) on biometric data, border management and fundamental rights. The project “Biometric data in large EU IT-systems in the areas of borders, visa and asylum – fundamental rights implications”, was designed by the Fundamental Rights […]

Introducing the Eticas Framework

The Eticas framework supports responsible research and innovation by assessing the ethical, legal and social impact of data-intensive technologies. We engage users, developers and policy-makers in order to embed privacy enhancing solutions into the design process. By bridging the gap between the social and the technical, we create responsible architectures that tackle the data challenges […]

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