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The European project that will enhance automated border control systems.

  • The R&D initiative driven by the European Commission has been allocated a budget of €16.8 M
  • Consortium of 15 partners from 8 countries will work together to harmonize these systems, that have been deployed in the main European airports
  • The aim is to integrate and improve current Automated Border Control Gates and extend their use to passengers from non EU countries

ABC4EU (Automated Border Control Gates for Europe) enhances the automated border control systems that European passengers can find currently at the biggest international airports. So far, the need for harmonized approach has been earlier addressed as the most urgent challenge. ABC4EU consortium assesses the feasibility to integrate the systems with future registers that every traveller, including third country nationals, would have an equal opportunity to join for automated border pass.

In its first year, the ABC4EU project has developed social, ethical and legal frameworks for the development of ABC gates. This has involved assembling a legal handbook, reviewing existing ABC/EES/RTP systems in Europe and around the world, addressing the potential externalities of border management, and working to develop a practical methodology for societal impact assessment. Going forward, this methodology will include desirability, acceptability, ethics, and data management concerns into the design and engineering of ABC gates to ensure that the harmonized system satisfies the needs of all stakeholders.ABC systems harmonization needs the common understanding of specific needs related to technical and functional requirements. The ABC4EU project provided with a set of common functional requirements from the End User perspective, not only providing an adequate framework for whole circle of the `project, but also serving as a baseline for harmonization and standardization. In addition, ABC4EU has assessed the state-of-art of technology, evaluated the impact of the integration of current initiatives and processes as well analysed the impact of external systems. ABC4EU has gathered the practical experience and lessons learned from already deployed ABC systems.

The ABC processes and workflow design aims to provide recommendations regarding harmonization of ABC systems, in terms of facilitating its use to travellers, speeding up flows and optimizing solutions for the deployment and configuration of ABC gates in Europe. These recommendations will follow the earlier methodology and guidelines provided during ABC4EU initiative.

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