Societal Impact Assessment Methodologies

The relationship between technology and society is not easy to assess. Societies are fascinated by new technologies, and this has a profound impact on how we relate to them and assess their risks. Moreover, due to the lack of proper public debate, technologies are often seen and experienced as ‘black boxes’. In this context of poor information and high expectations, assessing how technologies impact our societies in the short, medium and long terms is a constant challenge. Fundamental values and rights such as trust, dignity, autonomy, the presumption of innocence, the due process of law or freedom of movement and expression can be directly and indirectly impacted by technological developments. These externalities need to be taken into account and measures must be taken to minimise their negative effects.

Eticas Framework

At Eticas we can help you with:

Academic research on the interaction between different technologies and data solutions and broader social processes

Creating social experiments to assess acceptability

Design and analysis of focus groups and other qualitative research methods

Understanding and forecasting the interaction between technology and society

Mapping positive and negative externalities

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