SPYMENOT: privacy enhancing covers are finally attractive and affordable

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  • Electromagnetic signals from phones, tablets and RFID cards can be covertly intercepted by governments and corporations, greatly hindering citizens’ agency over personal data privacy
  • SpyMeNot cases are ‘Faraday cages’ within which electronic devices can be placed, and subsequently personal data can be protected
  • SpyMeNot cases are currently available on Kickstarter Spain until July 2nd, 2015.

Eticas, a company that assesses the social impact of technological innovations, has launched a Kickstarter campaign for SpyMeNot device covers. SpyMeNots are tools which act to both inhibit, and promote awareness of, the harvesting of massive volumes of personal data from mobile devices, tablets and RFID cards.


In the era of the digital revolution where new communication technologies abound, the devices we carry everyday emit and receive data, even when they are appear ‘turned-off’.

Public and private corporations are very interested in gaining access to our personal data for the purposes of security, further understanding consumer habits, to help govern the city more efficiently, and many other nefarious reasons.

Liliana Arroyo, a member of Eticas Research & Consulting, notes that “users are increasingly aware of daily privacy invasions and are more suspicious about information gathering practices, but shift between feelings of paranoia and paralysis due to the lack of any adequate alternatives.” In order to fill this void, Eticas, which has offices in Barcelona and Madrid, decided to launch the “1984” line of SpyMeNot covers, which offer a “low tech” way to protect data privacy when using electronic devices and RFID cards.

The covers are made with fabrics that inhibit the transmission of electromagnetic signals, which create a ‘Faraday cage’ inside the case. When tablets, phones or RFID cards are inside the cases, they are incapable of sending or receiving any data.

SpyMeNots are designed to be used in times when users do not want any personal information to be emitted or collected from their devices. The UN have declared privacy a human right, and therefore it is necessary that citizens should have more control over which data we send and receive, and when.

SpyMeNot cases are a revolution in the market of digital options to promote and defend personal privacy: they are affordable, simple, attractive, and are manufactured entirely in Catalonia. They have been launched and are currently available on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter. As a reward for supporting SpyMeNots on Kickstarter, backers will receive their very own SpyMeNot case.

It is imperative that our society invests in mechanisms to give individuals agency over the privacy of our personal data, in order to protect our personal rights and freedoms.

The cases will be available on Kickstarter until July 2nd 2015.



Liliana Arroyo – liliana@eticasconsulting.com – 657 666 008

Gemma Galdon – gemma@eticasconsulting.com – 654 744 118


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