After months of work and negotiations between Eticas and Sngular, we have built a partnership to start applying a work methodology that makes us the first provider of ethical and responsible Artificial Intelligence.

In a time marked by growing concern and regulation around the responsible use of technology, we partner up with Sngular to help companies that already incorporate Artificial Intelligence into their business processes, or are starting to develop a strategy to do so, to understand and minimize the risks of their algorithms and identify where they are vulnerable.

Thanks to this alliance, together we become the first global provider of ethical, responsible and legal AI systems from their inception.


What is this Eticas + Sngular partnership about?

As the future Artificial Intelligence Act of the European Union points out, industries such as health, labour, education, security, social services or justice are especially sensitive regarding the responsible use of this technology and the application of AI in any of these areas will be considered of ‘high risk’. In all these areas, the space for algorithmic error is minimal, which requires the creation of highly skilled teams and the implementation of governance and data protection models to minimize legal, reputational and ethical risks.

Fully aware of this growing challenge, the goal of this Eticas + Sngular alliance is to implement a joint and agile work methodology in third-party technical projects that pursues the development, supervision, assessment and auditing of algorithms in contexts of high risk and whose decisions have a direct or indirect impact on people.

Nerea Luis, lead AI engineer at Sngular, and Gemma Galdon, Eticas’ founder and CEO, who are two of the most prominent voices in the field of artificial intelligence, lead this partnership towards changing the future of AI the only way possible: through ethics.


Responsible AI: applications and projects

When an AI system is audited, designed or developed with an ethical partner from its inception, we not only reduce bias and negative impact on society, but we also maximize success in its response and operation. Some of this immediate applications are: