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Eticas + Sngular: an alliance to develop responsible and ethical AI solutions

After months of work and negotiations between Eticas and Sngular, we have built a partnership to start applying a work methodology that makes us the first provider of ethical and responsible Artificial Intelligence. In a time marked by growing concern and regulation around the responsible use of technology, we partner up with Sngular to help […]

Eticas y Sngular: una alianza para desarrollar soluciones de Inteligencia Artificial responsable

  Tras meses de trabajo y negociaciones entre Eticas y Sngular, hemos construido un partnership para empezar a aplicar una metodología de trabajo que nos convierte en el primer proveedor de Inteligencia Artificial ética y responsable. En un momento marcado por la creciente preocupación y regulación en torno al uso responsable de la tecnología, nos […]

Newtral sobre el riesgo de las puertas traseras en la UE y la lucha contra el cibercrimen

Si combatimos el crimen con tecnologías poco éticas o que vulneran derechos fundamentales, no somos mejores. Evaluemos el impacto de la legislación en la protección de datos. Marilín Gonzalo ha publicado en Newtral un completo reportaje sobre la preocupación de algunos expertos sobre el concepto “seguridad a pesar del cifrado” de la UE. Estos profesionales […]

Commentary: UNESCO Launches Global Consultation on AI Ethics via Computer Weekly

According to Gemma Galdon Clavell, CEO and founder of Barcelona-based algorithmic auditing consultancy Eticas, “many AI early adopters… recognise the risks of AI systems – from unintended bias to explainability – and they are interested in adopting specific steps to help mitigate those risks”. Ethics technology is starting to gain importance and see more and […]

Feature: Auditing for Algorithmic Discrimination via Computer Weekly

.@gemmagaldon adds that many companies have started to view consumer trust as a competitive advantage, & are changing their ways when it comes to developing algorithms w/ social impacts. #ai #ml #techethics #datascience #iot #bigdata #dataprotection Tweet Although awareness of algorithms and their potential for discrimination have increased significantly over the past five years, Gemma […]

Conversation: How to Ensure Trustworthy AI will be a Competitive Advantage

.@gemmagaldon: “It’s very easy to train an algorithm to not discriminate against women, but someone needs to do it.” #machinelearning #ArtificialIntelligence #BigData #CyberSecurity #gdpr #biometrics #Apps #DIGITALSMELive Tweet (Audio edited for length and clarity) Speakers – George Sharkov, Adviser to the Minister of Defense and Director at European SoftwareInstitute CEE – Josianne Cutajar, Member of European […]

Interview: We are the Product

To switch from one technology to another, you usually have to make a new investment. Many are held hostage bc of a technological decision made yrs ago w/ companies that no longer provide updates or don’t allow them to adapt to new tech. Tweet COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of protecting our privacy rights. Can […]

Event: Auditing Tech @ AllWomen.Tech

Data ethics and algorithmic accountability do not limit innovation, they allow it to thrive in ways that are impactful but also respectful of societal expectations. Non-ethical tech is just lazy tech. Gemma Galdon Clavell, PhD Tweet Gemma Galdon Clavell recently spoke at one of allWomen’s Friday Night talks with a comprehensive overview of why ethical […]