Project SATIE protects airports from cyber-physical threats


Eticas Consulting is working on a project that helps airports face a daily challenge to ensure business continuity and passengers’ safety.

The goal of the SATIE project is the development of solutions to the emerging exposure of airports to cyber-physical threats by producing practical proposals for implementation.

For the last few decades, we experienced the simplification of travelling thanks to digitalization. But at the same time, that means facing increasing security issues and the challenge to ensure business continuity and passengers’ safety.

And that’s why 18 partners from 10 nations, including Eticas, are involved in SATIE. The EU project focuses on threat prevention, detection, response and mitigation in the airports, helping them guarantee the protection of critical systems, sensitive data and passengers. In particular, SATIE is aimed at:

  • Improving incident response and impact mitigation for a unified and fast response.
  • Providing efficient and cost-effective solutions for airport security.
  • Continuous improvement approach to dynamic airport security standards and to the harmonization of emergency and security-incident related approaches.


SATIEAs part of this project, three demonstrations –at TRL7 in real conditions– will be conducted in different corners of Europe (Croatia, Italy and Greece) in order to evaluate the solutions under operational conditions. Results and best practices will be widely disseminated to the scientific community, standardization bodies, security stakeholders and the aeronautic community. Finally, SATIE paves the way to a new generation of Security Operation Centre that will be included in a comprehensive airport security policy.

Eticas’ role in SATIE involves the development and contrasting of requirements for ensuring compliance with ethics and data protection regulations in technological development and validation. From Eticas Consulting we are proud to be part of this project that will directly impact on our security, contributing to putting ethical technology at the service of everyone. 

Eticas’ role also focuses on the operalization of Privacy by Design principles, making sure that the SATIE tools and systems are designed and implemented with privacy and data protection considerations built-in and followed up throughout the initial, developmental and final stages.

The work being done by Eticas in this regard improves these systems from the get go as privacy, social impact and data protection measures will not have to be an additional task to take into account post-launch which, more often than not, results in the inefficient application of GDPR requirements, compliance and reputational risks and a bigger investment of time and resources.

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