Speakers at 4YFN’s open ceremony and talking about med tech at the WMC

Gemma Galdon, founder and CEO of Eticas Research and Consulting, was invited to open 4YFN event, integrated for the first time under the MWC. Moreover, she participated at the 4YFN session Digital Health & Wellness Summit.

On Monday 28th 2021, Galdon was on stage in Barcelona at the opening ceremony for 4FYN with Yossi Vardi, Chairman at 4YFN, Pere Duran, Director at 4YFN, Carlota Pi i Amorós, Co-Founder & Executive President at Holaluz, Oisin Lunny, Public Speaker, Podcast & Webinar Host, Event Consultant at Conference MC, and Aleix Valls, Co-Founder and CEO at Liquid. According to the Founder of Eticas: “One of the objectives of innovation after Covid-19 will be to achieve people’s trust in technology since its use has increased but not trust in it”.

Gemma Galdon also participated at the session ‘Digital Health and Wellness Summit’. At the panel, Rachel Dunscombe, CEO, NHS Digital Academy & Principal, Tektology, and Jorge Juan Fernández García, Director of Innovation, EIT Health, talked about the disruption AI brought in the healthcare. According to them, it’s already offering promising gains through various use-cases such as in personalised medicine, medical imaging, optimisation of care processes within hospitals and care centres, public health studies and interventions, etc.


But, as Gemma pointed out: “Many algorithms are not effective in med tech because they are not audited and developed purely by engineers with no medical expert input”. Furthermore, the deployment of AI in routine care requires its compliance with regulatory frameworks and ethical principles, as well as garantees of robustness and performance. Following the European initiative around the “Trustworthy AI” framework and self-assessment, number of companies are nowadays adopting ethical approaches for their AI developments.

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