Discover our first Algorithmic Audit Guide, and the methodology for Artificial Intelligence to be more effective and respectful of Fundamental Rights

Who we serve

AI Technology Provider

Companies that develop or provide AI technology.


CxOs strategizing to adopt machine learning and AI in their operations and across their business.

Policy makers

Public agencies who want to strike a balance between supporting the development of AI technologies and managing risks.


Built by a multidisciplinary team and not through acquisitions, we work with clients to identify risk, conduct a diagnostic and capture the most value from algorithms


You know that AI-powered algorithms can help you extract value from data in ways that will give you a competitive edge.
But, you’re in the dark about where you’re vulnerable. Ethics can help you build trust with clients and users through transparency.


Create ethics oversight initiatives to build strategic support for innovative products and services through documented procedures and guidelines.
We’ve partnered with committed organizations that responsibly abide by laws and regulations to meet compliance, create data management policies and develop responsible data-flow guidelines.


In collaboration with the EU Commission, we’ve worked with various organizations on projects to address new technological challenges, security and data protection as well as techno-social impact in the EU and abroad.