Seduced with the promise of AI-powered algorithms, many companies have embedded at least one AI in their business processes or started building a strategy to incorporate AI into their business.
However, as AI usage grows, so do the risks an organization can be liable for when an algorithm malfunctions. Business blunders manifesting on a large scale, in a very short period of time will happen. Even worse, we’ve seen it happen. The most important point is how to remediate it.


Eticas teams up with organizations to identify black box algorithmic vulnerabilities and retrains AI-powered technology with better source data and content.
Since our inception, we’ve built a track record with a proven methodology that equip clients with a more cognitively diverse algorithm to unearth more accurate outputs that can be turned into competitive advantages.


Gemma Galdon Clavell, PhD
Dr. Gemma Galdon Clavell is a policy analyst working on surveillance, social, legal and ethical impacts of technology, smart cities, privacy, security policy, resilience and policing. 

She is a founding partner at Eticas Research & Consulting and a researcher  at the Universitat de Barcelona’s Sociology Department. She completed her  PhD on surveillance, security and urban policy in early 2012 at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, ​​where she also received an MSc in Policy Management, and was later appointed Director of the Security Policy Program at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya ( UOC).

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