Eticas, your Ethics Partner in European Commission’s H2020 projects

Ethic Partner in European Commission H2020 projects

At Eticas Consulting we are a leading Spain-based SME specialized on the Ethics of Technology and AI. We offer professional & committed ethics support and compliance in EC-funded projects since 2011, when we developed the first Ethics Work Package as part of an FP7 Security project.

With a track record of 17 projects with a 30% success rate in H2020, we are also very familiar with financial obligations. Moreover, our staff is a team of experts with socio-technical and legal background, that have presented and defended before REA evaluations both as scientific and ethics experts. In this sense, we don’t consider ethics as a tick-box exercise, but as a competitive advantage and best practice in your project.

We embed ethics in the excellence, impact and implementation sections, making ethics understandable and actionable. That way, we can help our partners understand and fulfill their ethics obligations, and draft a Data Management Plan. On top of that, we make technical, societal impact risk mitigation and Privacy by Design recommendations.

Ethic Partner in European Commission H2020 projects

In Eticas we also provide training and organise workshops, and create and dynamise the Ethics Board. We have the capability to automate consent and compliance to save you time, and to help partners to get Ethics Approvals and report to REA and ensure compliance.

Our expertise includes Ethics requirements, HE guidelines, GDPR, Societal impact and Trustworthy AI. Also, we are experts on Human Participation, Recruitment, Consent, Ethics approvals, Data Protection, Data Management Plan, Legal compliance, Privacy by Design, Data re-use, Pseudo/anonymisation, High-risk AI, Third Countries, Environment and Health, Misuse / Dual Use, Civil Applications, among others.

If you’re working on a EC-funded project and you would like to know more about the Ethics issues, please schedule a meeting with our team here.

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